My Skills

Vulnerability Management

Conducting vulnerability scans to mitigate potential security risks in digital assets and networks.


Implementing and managing firewall rules to segregate network zones, according to a self-made Security Matrix.


Deploying and maintaining Intrusion Detection/Prevention Systems to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats proactively.


Utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) for cloud computing solutions, including deployment, scaling and management of applications and infrastructure.

Zero Trust

Leveraging Tailscale Network and Cloudflare ZeroTrust platform to engeneer a full mesh network between different assets worlwide, with a zero trust approach.

Elastic Search

Installing and utilizing Elastic Search to index, search and analyze large volumes of data efficiently for various applications.

Web Frontend

Designing and developing responsive and user-friendly websites and webapps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and related technologies.

Web Backend

Developing dynamic and interactive web applications using PHP scripting language for backend functionality.


Utilizing SQL languages to create, query and manage relational databases containing structured data.


Leveraging Python programming language for versatile applications including automation and scripting.


Programming and prototyping IoT projects with Arduino microcontrollers. This includes developing libraries, but also designing custom PCBs.


Adopting Proxmox to deploy a virtual infrastructure, composed of LXC containers and Virtual Machines.

Public Projects

BMW Remote Start

This is an Arduino-based project designed to enable the remote start feature for BMW F30 vehicles, enhancing convenience by warming up the engine and interior before driving. This system listens for a triple-click on the lock button of the keyfob by sniffing the CAN bus thanks to an MCP2515. When detected, it triggers the engine start sequence by tapping into original car wiring. The realization demanded detailed analysis and reverse engineering of both CAN bus messages and several wirings. There is also an evolution of this project, which has not been published yet, that runs on a custom PCB and offers SMS support through LWSim800 library. Github Youtube


The LWSim800 library is a lightweight communication library for Arduino designed to interface with the SIM800L GSM module. It focuses on SMS functionality, providing methods to send, forward, check, read, and delete SMS messages. The library is designed to be extremely efficient and stable, especially in resource-constrained environments like microcontroller projects. It avoids dynamic memory allocation, which can be problematic in embedded systems, by using a fixed-size data structure to handle SMS operations. Github